AMI Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

At Al Madina, CSR initiatives is to consistently strive for general well-being of communities. Al Madina continues to support initiatives from Non-Governmental Organizations and institutions.

Oman Bowling Team – April 2018

Al Madina Takaful extended its support with Travel Insurance for all members of the team.

Al Madina Takaful provided the Oman Bowling Team with free Travel insurance. This is part of Al Madina Takaful’s CSR initiatives to help and support various activities in the community. Bowling as a sport has gained popularity in Oman over the years and the teams need to travel to various countries to participate in tournaments.

Oman Association of the Elderly Friends – October 2017

Al Madina Takaful extended its support by sponsoring the insurance fee for their bus.

The Oman Association of the Elderly friends, was established in 2013 and is based in the Al Sharqiyah North Governorate. The association provides care and support to elder members of the society through various initiatives.

Opal & Dar Al Atta Charity – May 2017

Sponsored the insurance of the Mobile Library Bus

In association with Opal and Dar Al Atta’a Al Madina Takaful contributed towards building stronger communities by sponsoring the insurance for bus which serves as a Mobile Library, enabling school children to develop the habit of reading.

Recognizing an act of courage and saving children – November 2016

Sponsored Motor and Life insurance policies for Mr. Mohammed Al Hashmi

Al Madina Takaful, facilitated Mr. Mohammed Hashmi a 43 year old father of five children, who rescued two children from a burning car at a fuel station, saving their lives. Al Madina further sponsored Motor and Life insurance for Mr. Mohammed for his extraordinary act of bravery.

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